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Update DST Table for 2007

posted by pudge on Friday December 01, @07:09PM   Printer-friendly   Email story
Because of a change in U.S. law in 2005 (and in Canada, where most provinces have followed suit), DST is now a few weeks longer. Which means Slash needs a small update. Here's the SQL line to run (and it will be added to the sql/upgrades file next week).

REPLACE INTO dst (region, selectable, start_hour, start_wnum, start_wday, start_month, end_hour, end_wnum, end_wday, end_month) VALUES ('America', 1, 2,  2, 0, 2, 2,  1, 0, 10);

Don't forget to run it before DST starts again, at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday in March (March 11 this coming year).

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